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________________________________________________________________________ ENTRANCE = FREE = MAHALA! – 2hrs at least to see everything .. …. . .. Photography by Odette Herbert . . ________________________________________________________________________ If you click on the images they open up larger .. The Exhibition venue, Cape Town’s Town Hall [1905], is the building that, Nelson Mandela, gave his monumental, historic first speech, […]

We bumped into each other as they were rushing to catch the dwindling crowds on the next beach -They broke into song & drumming as they patiently posed for me – what a powerful sound – It gave me goose bumps Such dynamic young men – Filled with optimism and determination to create a better […]

The building is very photogenic & close up it’s impressive – Green Point stadium, 68K seater – R4.7 billion to build, very controversial – And from Milnerton its way too big [was told that central government are paying for most of it – by most esteemed cape town council official] To enlarge any image click […]

. . A sense of fulfillment and joy is the crystallization of all the effort – each drop of sweat, each tear – expended to reach that moment. Life’s inherent creativity, its dynamic vitality, is brought to the surface only through the strenuous exertions of a life of consistent action. Daisaku Ikeda . Photography: Unknown […]

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