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You can only open an account/page on their platform if you have a ‘smart’ phone (android or iphone) one can only then, download the #instagram app (apps/store) As you add photos to it from your phone this is what your page will look like.. All images taken by Odette Herbert instagram handel : odetteherbert #odetteherbert […]

________________________________________________________________________ ENTRANCE = FREE = MAHALA! – 2hrs at least to see everything .. …. . .. Photography by Odette Herbert . . ________________________________________________________________________ If you click on the images they open up larger .. The Exhibition venue, Cape Town’s Town Hall [1905], is the building that, Nelson Mandela, gave his monumental, historic first speech, […]

________________________________________________________________________ . . Photography by Odette Herbert ________________________________________________________________________ If you click on an image it opens up larger Bennett teaches, the art of creating glass objects at her Glass Gallery The Old Biscuit Mill/ Unit A105/ 375 Albert Rd/ Woodstock/ Cape Town/South Africa +27 (0) 21 447 9421