Cape Town’s coliseum [stadium]– F I F A’s specs, built by locals – It’s big – really really BIG


south view

The building is very photogenic & close up it’s impressive – Green Point stadium, 68K seater – R4.7 billion to build, very controversial – And from Milnerton its way too big [was told that central government are paying for most of it – by most esteemed cape town council official]

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I recommend you look at the workers images who have spent over 2 years building the massive structure – there’s a glint in their eye – I think they feel proud of what they have created – swaggerists – init



lots of guys hanging from ropes mountaineers at the buildings face - loads of climbing gear attached to them [image:Odette Herbert]luckily the ledge is wide enough to sit onone of the high flyers that bolt the building together hanging from a ropebolting the material to the building outer metal framethe wizkid architect - very nice bloke - very calm

testing testing - eeish....never enough poly fillerhas to be 50 metres from the ground - its uncomfortably steep to the bottom, up at the top of the stadium - magnificent view though - inward, can't see table mountain behind me
OH00151rock climbers put finishing touches to metal paint worklunch time - everyone on site rests - its all seriously strenuous work
in the rafters [roof has 9,000 glass panels covering 37 000 sq.metres] image:Odette Herbertbaby grass - fifa said it wasn't green enough for TV - rip it up start againOH122997

paint touch up teamseating plastic removal team not sure what these men are doing material is still to be bolted down by men in orange

suspended by ropes - i think this man was part of the paint touch up team come rain or shine

he was surprised i wanted to take his photo - i really wanted to acknowledge the work force - visit was too rushedsuch charming young men on site all beavering awaythe stone mason who moved out of the way when a group of journalists filled the place he was working inliked the black tie preventing anyone from invading the pitch to get to the other side and damaging the juvenile grass I noticed a plastic bag on the pitch which was speedily removedthis delightful man is the pitch security - to keep people off the grass - its off bounds to everyone


this was our safety officer - a nightmare to get jounalists to cooperate and not to wonder off and to keep up [image:Odette Herbert]this man works all day suspended from a rope - he's weighed down by climbing gearlocal photographers & reporters, journalists local and from france and BBC team making a documentary on sport grey day at the coliseum [latin for colossal?]staircase to footy heaven only for the alleged footy aristocracy. eeish!
main entrance looks jolly smart

PhotographyOdette Herbert

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