john bauer – aka – the doily lama – his shenanigans – cape town


the maestro toiling

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Photography: Odette Herbert
Cape Town South Africa

LINK to John Bauer’s facebook page

LINK – More images of Bauer & his work

Introduction: Tania Babb – a humorous & playful potter

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One Response to “john bauer – aka – the doily lama – his shenanigans – cape town”

  1. 1 A.Reader.

    incredibly pretentious. just let the work speak for itself, it doesnt appear to be pretending at all, it looks totally real (what you can see in the pictures).
    by way of explanation:- one cant refer to oneself as a maestro.
    then, if one is a “maestro”, one doesnt indulge in ‘shenanaigans’. so come on, get someone else to write the words, the pictures are real, the work certainly seems to be real, but the words are fake.
    all i wanted to say. oh and well done.

    ● Odette Herbert reply:

    Cricky i only used 3 words!
    “the maestro toiling”

    i think yr a tad harsh!
    or are you offering to do my copy? 🙂
    he IS a maestro at his craft
    so a loving raspberry to you love!
    my play with words was lost on you too i see 🙂
    doily – toil ing
    toiling = Exhausting labour or effort
    by gum he is incredibly productive – that’s why he is so successful

    “incredibly pretentious”
    ouwaa [ouch]

    all the best to you, anonymous one
    i wish you every success in your endeavours

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